Greenleaf has been delivering tailored and scalable professional development training solutions since our founding over a decade ago. With over 50 collective years of fieldwork and research experience, we have developed cutting-edge approaches for organizations to proactively address the impact of trauma on organizations and their staff.

Greenleaf’s approach is evidence-based, trauma-responsive, and preventative. We have worked with diverse organizations and their staff, volunteers, and trainees to address trauma, wellbeing, occupational stress, duty of care, and violent incidents.

Greenleaf has trained:

  • Security experts
  • Humanitarian staff
  • iNGO staff
  • Peacebuilders
  • Legal services staff
  • State and federal government agency workers
  • Non-profit executives
  • Private sector leaders

Our provides trauma-responsive training, assessment, design, consultation, and coaching for organizational strategy and implementation. Greenleaf is committed to sustaining service for optimal impact by centering shared responsibility while balancing organizational duty of care, risk reduction, support, open communication, and privacy. Greenleaf scales content to meet the unique needs of each organization, from stand-alone training to comprehensive, enterprise-wide programs.

Maximize learning effectiveness and cost-efficiencies with our flexible methodology

Graphic with text 'Trauma-Responsive by Design' above a circle  surrounding the Greenleaf logo with five spokes. Each spoke has a phrase: 'Wellbeing Operationalized,' 'Public Health,' 'Applied Trauma Expertise,' 'Partnering for System Change,' and 'Neuroscience.'

Our Wellbeing Operationalized℠ model synthesizes current research into actionable behaviors for individuals, teams, and organizations. This reflects our relational, concrete approach to training individuals with clear guidelines and trauma-responsive commitments that staff can immediately put into practice.

Greenleaf’s public health approach is preventative, addressing traumatic experiences at societal, organizational, and individual levels. Our diverse team of experienced leaders applies first-hand field experience when designing and implementing training. Rather than being prescriptive, we take a collaborative approach with leaders to integrate meaningful change at every level of the organization to establish long-term sustainability and accountability.

Engaging, interactive, and applicable trainings

Greenleaf’s expertise combines professional Instructional Systems Design (ISD), facilitation, delivery, and learning development experience. Our techniques save time by asking important questions early, and save money by aligning solutions directly with problems.

Rather than a traditional teacher-centered approach, our trainers use a systematic learner-centered approach. Greenleaf considers the whole person and diverse cognitive styles. Our learning approach builds upon and strengthens individuals’ internal resources as we teach them how to apply trauma-responsive best practices. In order to promote accessibility, our instructional designers combine new technologies like mobile learning, podcasting, and interactive media to ensure that learners can master new skills in a short amount of time.

Our Inclusive Design Principles
1. ADDIE Methodology of Instructional Design
3. Cultural Competency
4. Adult Learning
5. Wellbeing Operationalized℠

We employ interactive online, in-person, asynchronous, synchronous, blended, and hybrid delivery methods. Our flagship Inclusive Design℠ leverages the most effective methods and delivery mechanisms to deliver authentic training courses. The result is a training that specifically meets your needs, delivered by interdisciplinary experts.

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Greenleaf provides comprehensive program administration and management services for enterprise support, including:

  • Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning (MEL)
  • Assisting with Individual Learning & Training Plans
  • Preparing Tailored Training Materials
  • Providing Logistical & Technical Support
  • Developing Annual Learning Schedules & Calendars