Greenleaf has been serving federal government clients since our founding in 2008. Our proof of exceptional performance spans a range of services, including management consulting, trauma-responsive design, leadership resilience training and coaching, employee training programs, and more. With deep expertise supporting government organizations with personnel operating in highly demanding environments, we deliver sustainable, tailored solutions that mitigate cumulative risks to mission success.

Our diverse expertise, including best-practice skills, techniques, processes, and tools, enables government organizations to meet challenging human resource requirements, elevate performance, accelerate positive outcomes, and protect wellbeing.

Greenleaf understands how to achieve measurable impact within unique government agency environments. Regardless of the solution type or scope, we offer exceptional proficiency in financial and program management as well as a record of 100% on-time, on-budget performance. Additionally, Greenleaf’s seasoned personnel security team provides industry-leading turnaround times for our employee’s interim security clearances. Greenleaf also holds a facility clearance.

Federal agencies can find Greenleaf’s GSA Schedule here.

Wellbeing Operationalized℠

Any federal organization with a mission to help others will recognize the impact of cumulative stress and trauma exposure: fatigued bodies and brains, scrambled cognition and attention spans, high turnover and absenteeism, low engagement and productivity. Yet root causes and fixes for workplace stress and trauma vary. At Greenleaf, we work to operationalize wellbeing so that it becomes a sustainable part of your organization’s structure. Whether for a single department or the full enterprise, we use a range of assessment techniques to uncover systemic risks to wellbeing.

We assess:

  • Policies
  • Processes
  • Practices
  • Team Cohesion
  • Leadership Strengths
  • Staff Wellbeing

Greenleaf combines assessment insights with scientific and organizational expertise to deliver a holistic roadmap tailored to your objectives. Feeling empowered instead of overwhelmed should be, and can be, the norm for you and your team. Reach out to learn more about our services, including:

  • Enterprise Assessments
  • Organizational Development
  • Training

Trauma-Responsive Leadership

Government leaders operating within the high demands of volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environments experience cumulative stress and, frequently, unseen burnout. Under intense pressures to be high achievers, many leaders struggle to maintain their wellbeing while ensuring the effectiveness of their work. Most are also unsure of how best to develop the resilience of their staffs.

Greenleaf supports the personal development and growth of government organizations’ current and emerging leaders. We use evidence-based tools and techniques to assess each individual leader in numerous areas that impact resilience. Based on the resulting data and our science-based insights, we implement resilience training and other tailored leadership development programs around critical leadership competencies. These include diversity and inclusion, implicit bias, sexual misconduct and unwanted behavior, and many more. We also create and implement strategic frameworks for spreading processes and behaviors across teams and departments with resilience training programs and more. The positive outcomes include significant improvements in emotional intelligence, situational awareness, morale, communications, collaboration, and productivity. Our specific leadership development services include:

  • Leadership Assessments
  • Leadership Development Workshops and Programs
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Executive Coaching

Trauma-Responsive Design

Some of the best helpers, healers, and protectors burn out and leave their fields as a result of cumulative secondary traumatic stress. Consistent turnover in many helping organizations creates strain on finances, team dynamics, and sustainability. That’s why we focus on creating change that lasts. By operationalizing wellbeing for staff and partnering for systemic change, we aim to increase lasting service provisions for your program beneficiaries.

Greenleaf will help your organization design and embed a trauma-responsive way of being. Contact us to learn more about our services, which include:

  • Assessment of Policies, Processes, and Practices
  • Change Management
  • Workforce Development

Institutional Support

Many agencies struggle to meet their missions within highly demanding, and often dangerous, work environments. Rapidly changing demands with under-prepared staff and suboptimal processes put undue stress on leaders and teams. Greenleaf helps agencies meet dynamic human resources challenges with our exceptional Institutional Support services.

Our staff have proven performance in Instructional Design, including training customization, optimization, and administration. Our trainers integrate and deliver customized curriculum. Our unique combination of capabilities enables agencies to elevate performance with more qualified, knowledgeable, and resilient talent. We invite federal agencies to contact us to learn more about our services, including:

  • Training
  • Technical Expertise in Mental Health & Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)
  • Trauma-Responsive Consultation

Government Experience

With unique qualifications, Greenleaf offers outstanding past performance in 12 Federal departments and agencies:


Agency for International Development


Department of Justice


Department of State


Department of Transportation


Department of Defense


Food and Drug Administration


Department of Education


National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Office of Personnel Management


Patent & Trademark Office


Peace Corps


National Security Agency

We’ve been providing solutions and results to USAID for over a decade. Learn more here.

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