Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

At Greenleaf, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) are integral to who we are:

  • Our team is exceptionally diverse in race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion as well as professional and personal background. In fact, they’ve lived and worked in 66 countries! The diversity of our team is a result of our intentional recruiting and hiring practices.
  • Our staff’s varied life experiences ensure that we continually grow by integrating multiple perspectives—one of our core values as a company. This compels us to intentionally seek out, truly listen to, and respect each other’s ideas and opinions. We genuinely value our differences in perspective, expertise, and personality. We know that DEIA is not simply a box to check.
  • We continually reflect on and improve company procedures and policies to reinforce our commitment to DEIA.
  • Our employee-led Diversity Discussion series is an opportunity for colleagues to come together to learn and discuss DEIA topics designed to create better understanding and grow allyship.

Greenleaf's commitment to DEIA exponentially strengthens our efforts to prevent and mitigate the effects of trauma in the workplace.

Some of our employees celebrate
a colleague's birthday.
CEO Siddharth Ashvin Shah leads laughter
yoga in a client workshop.
A team of employees enjoy some
social time after a meeting.