Kat Lee reviews and develops material for Greenleaf’s clients through a trauma-responsive lens, with attention to experiential learning, accessible language, and clinical accuracy. Kat is a licensed creative arts therapist. In her private practice as a drama therapist in Connecticut, she practices embodied, trauma-centered therapy with individuals who are recovering from traumatic life experiences. Kat is the past director of … Read More

Karla Siu, MSW

Karla Siu serves as executive vice president at Greenleaf, where she oversees the organization’s strategy and programs. Karla is a social work practitioner with over 20 years of experience in research, clinical practice, and non-profit management. She has collaborated with leading trauma practitioners, evidence-based treatment developers, and implementation science experts at the Center for Child and Family Health and RTI’s … Read More

Erin Brackens, MA, MEd

As director of operations, Erin Brackens is responsible for ensuring Greenleaf’s organizational effectiveness through the smooth internal operations of the organization. This includes human resources management and development, and operations management. She comes to Greenleaf from Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC, where she worked for over a decade in medical education. She also has experience as a clinical mental … Read More

Siddharth Ashvin Shah, MD, MPH

Siddharth is a physician and public health scientist who seeks to change the way we regard society’s helpers, healers, and protectors. He supports organizations to become trauma-responsive by addressing traumatic exposure among field-workers, support staff, and program beneficiaries. After several years of providing consultation to international NGOs, faith-based agencies, human rights organizations, and healthcare organizations, Siddharth founded Greenleaf Integrative. Greenleaf … Read More