Trauma as a burden and weight on shoulders - symbolized by word Trauma on a steel ball to show negative aspect of Trauma 3d illustration

Trauma-Informed Design: What is it?

In viewing trauma through a wider lens we see its detrimental impact.
A More Equitable Society Requires We Address Our Own Implicit Bias

A More Equitable Society Requires We Address Our Own Implicit Bias

Avoiding implicit bias starts with a conscious knowledge it exists within you.
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Thriving in Pandemic Winter

Remember, the pandemic will pass. And winter will come to an end. It always does!
When Your Home Is Your Office: Avoiding Telework Burnout

When Your Home Is Your Office: Avoiding Telework Burnout

Burn-out is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.
Human Capital Services: The Resilience Part of the Equation

Human Capital Services: The Resilience Part of the Equation

As the pace of life accelerates, and as people know more than ever about what works for them (and what doesn’t), there are substantial changes in how we relate to human capital. Success and profitability are intimately linked not only to the quantifiable elements of hiring good staff, but also the deeper equation by which staff can thrive in a particular workplace.
Stress Responsive Greenleaf Integrative

Stress-Responsive Policy Decisions Start With Awareness

Many organizations don’t think about the impacts of stress on their workforce in a systematic way when designing their organizational policy. How could they? Policies grow over time, and often are reactive rather than proactive. These are the key concepts Greenleaf uses to assess the current Stress Responsiveness of an organization and support the leadership in making more stress responsive policy decisions.
Greenleaf Autonomic Nervous System

Wellbeing Techniques Help Us Control Body, Mind, and Behaviors

Any stress, both positive stress (excitement) and negative stress (nervousness), involves the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS functions in the background every second of our lives. It regulates the human body’s most basic regulatory processes, including breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and digestion.
teamwork and connectedness

Flatlined Connectedness: Reviving Healthcare Teams in a Disconnected Culture

In our first blog in the Connectedness Series, we discussed the benefits and drawbacks that the advancement of technology has on connectedness in the workplace especially as it impacts the healthcare arena. However, technology is impacting connectedness in many workplaces, which makes us ask, “What is unique about physicians?”
Conferences Point Out Need for Connectedness

Conferences Point Out Need for Connectedness

This spring was a season filled with conferences. I’ve written about the NAHCPC’s conference previously, where our panel discussed the importance of caring for caregivers. Other conferences I participated in included two with a focus on the workplace, where I presented or led a panel for the American Psychiatric Association Foundation’s Center for Workplace Mental Health.
2017 CENTILE Conference

Addressing Burnout and Building Resiliency—Is Anyone Doing It Well in Healthcare?

Thoughts from Lori Murphy, Senior Director, on her experience at the CENTILE conference (Washington D.C., October 23-25, 2017)