Trauma as a burden and weight on shoulders - symbolized by word Trauma on a steel ball to show negative aspect of Trauma 3d illustration

Trauma-Informed Design: What is it?

In viewing trauma through a wider lens we see its detrimental impact.
A More Equitable Society Requires We Address Our Own Implicit Bias

A More Equitable Society Requires We Address Our Own Implicit Bias

Avoiding implicit bias starts with a conscious knowledge it exists within you.
Partial Recovery from the Pandemic: Still Picking Up the Pieces

Partial Recovery from the Pandemic: Still Picking Up the Pieces

Pushing through is an important and necessary survival tool. All of us had some form of “pushing through” at the height of the pandemic.
Will I Be Hurt by Going to Work Today?

Will I Be Hurt by Going to Work Today?

Already struggling in a system-wide burnout crisis, COVID-19 responders in healthcare now have reason to worry.
Healthcare workers face diverse and growing on-the-job stress exposures

Other Than Burnout, What Hurts For Healthcare Workers And Learners?

Clinicians and other healthcare workers, as well as trainees and students, face diverse, cumulative, and synergistic toxic exposures that can lead to distress.
9/11 Post-Traumatic Stress

Reflections on 9/11 and the Suffering of Our Helpers

Although it’s been two weeks since the anniversary and remembrances of 9/11, I find myself still reflecting on how it changed the lives of so many, including my own. The horrors of that day occurred only two months after I started my residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC.
teamwork and connectedness

Flatlined Connectedness: Reviving Healthcare Teams in a Disconnected Culture

In our first blog in the Connectedness Series, we discussed the benefits and drawbacks that the advancement of technology has on connectedness in the workplace especially as it impacts the healthcare arena. However, technology is impacting connectedness in many workplaces, which makes us ask, “What is unique about physicians?”
Conferences Point Out Need for Connectedness

Conferences Point Out Need for Connectedness

This spring was a season filled with conferences. I’ve written about the NAHCPC’s conference previously, where our panel discussed the importance of caring for caregivers. Other conferences I participated in included two with a focus on the workplace, where I presented or led a panel for the American Psychiatric Association Foundation’s Center for Workplace Mental Health.
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The Gift of Mindful Listening: Creating Connection and Wellbeing For Healthcare Providers And Their Patients

Deaf physicians are often credited by their patients as having more apt listening skills than their hearing counterparts. Dr. Philip Zazove, Chairman of Family Medicine at the University of Michigan and a champion for deaf and hard of hearing physicians nationally says that patients frequently tell him, “I love the way you look at me and listen to me".
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National Alliance Hosts Leadership Summits: Care for Caregivers Among Their Forward-Thinking Topics

Thoughts from Nancy Spangler, PhD, Senior Advisor, on her experience at the NAHPC Leadership Summit (Dallas, March 14-15, 2018)