3 Principles of Effective Staff Care

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By Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah, CEO and Founder, Greenleaf Integrative

Shah, S.A. (2010). Three Principles of Effective Staff Care: Differentiation, Diversity and Diffusion. Monday Developments: The Latest Issues and Trends in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance (pp. 8-10 & 30). Vol 28:12, December 2010. InterAction.



How can organizations better discern the specific difficulties faced by their staff? How might we fine tune staff care programs so that prevention and intervention both hit the bull’s-eye for diverse needs and mindsets? How might staff care programs for a subsection of staff induce benefits in multiple levels of our organizations and the communities with whom we work? An organization that can confidently answer these questions will experience self-assurance in place of doubt when it comes to staff care. And doubt exists in the minds of many when staff care is mentioned. Leadership and boards of directors are unsure about how to allocate resources. Some staff have high expectations, but doubt their expectations will be met. Some staff grumble about being taken away from program implementation. The communities with whom we work are entitled to wonder if staff care enhances program delivery or merely puts focus on the sacrifices that humanitarian workers make… (Download PDF to continue reading)


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